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Latest Release: Feb 2023
Latest beta: None

      The Internet Component Suite is composed of various Internet components and applications. It is distributed as freeware with full source code for all Delphi and C++Builder versions.

      The sample applications exists in two forms: Object Pascal for Delphi and C++ for C++Builder. The components are written in Object Pascal native VCL which can be compiled by Delphi as well as C++Builder.

There is a wiki under construction here where you'll find valuable documentation.

Below you'll find the links to download ICS/ICS-SSL distribution archives. You can find the latest source on the version control repository and an archive extracted daily from the repository here: ICS-V8.

We use SubVersion server and you need to use a subversion client such as TortoiseSVN. Once your SVN client is installed, for ICS-V6 you can browse to svn:// or ICS-V8 is the trunk, ICS-V7 is in ics/tags/icsv7. All use usercode = ics and password = ics for read access. Write access is only available to TeamICS.

[ Download ICS-V8.70 ]
Support all Delphi 7 to Delphi XE8, 10 to 11, C++ Builder 2006 to XE3 and 10 to 11. Includes OpenSSL 3.0.7
ICS-SSL is included for free

[ Download ICS-V7 Gold Release (Oct, 2013) ]
Support all Delphi 7 to Delphi XE3 and BCB version 2006 to XE3
ICS-SSL is included for free
[ Download ICS-V6 Distribution (Sep 12, 2009) ]
Support all Delphi 7-2007 and BCB versions 6-2007
ICS-SSL included for free
[ Download ICS-V5 Distribution (Sep 12, 2009) ]
Support all Delphi 1-2007 and BCB versions 1-6
ICS-SSL for free in separate download. Download the required files.
[ Download OpenSSL binaries 0.9.8.e or 0.9.8.h ]
Those are the OpenSSL files required for ICS-SSL

There will be soon a V9 supporting Android. Stay tuned!

Latest kylix versions:

      Below is a list of the components and sample applications contained in the ICS distribution:

ICS Component Description
TWSocket Basic winsock component. Fully event-driven and multi-thread safe. It supports TCP, UDP, SOCKS5 and can be used to build both client and server programs. Option: SSL support. Click here for a primer text about TCP and UDP.
TWSocketServer A TWSocket derived component for multi-user server handling. Option: SSL support.
TSmtpCli SMTP client protocol support. Used to send mail and attached files to a mail server.
TPop3Cli POP3 client protocol support. Used to retrieve mail form a mail server.
TDnsQuery DNS query component is used to retrieve MX records (Mail Exchange, needed for most SMTP applications) from DNS, as well as A records (IP address from hostname) and PTR records (hostname from IP address) records.
TMimeDecode Supports MIME decoding (file attachments). Useful with the TPop3Cli component.
TFtpCli FTP client protocol support. Used to send and receive files to/from an FTP server. Also able to do directory and file handling.
TFtpSrv FTP server protocol support. This component will make your application a full featured FTP server. Beta version.
TNntpCli NNTP client protocol support. Used to read and post news to/from a newsgroup server.
THttpCli HTTP client protocol support. Used to access any WEB server for getting or posting data. Base component to build a web browser. Includes Proxy support. Option: HTTPS support (Secure SSL communication).
THttpSrv HTTP server protocol support. Used to build a web server or to add a browser interface to your application. Option: HTTPS support (Secure SSL communication).
TTnCnx TELNET client protocol support.
TEmulVT ANSI terminal emulation (like a TMemo but with ANSI escape sequences interpretation).
TTnEmulVT TELNET and ANSI terminal emulation combined into a single component. You can build a full telnet client program in only a few lines of code.
TTnScript TELNET scripting component. Used to automate work with telnet session (such as auto login and password).
TFingerCli FINGER client. Use it to retreive information about logged user connected to a Unix machine (or any other with a finger server).
TPing ICMP Ping support. You can Ping a host and get the resulting info.

Sample Application Description
Client5 A basic client program using TWSocket component. Use with any of the server applications described below.
TcpSrv A basic multi-user server. Start all your TCP servers from this sample.
DnsLook How to use TWSocket DNS lookup feature.
Finger A Finger client using TFingerCli component.
FtpTst A full featured FTP client based on the TFtpCli component.
FtpSrv A full featured FTP server based on the TFtpSrv component.
HttpPg Use THttpCli component to post some data to a web server.
HttpTst Basic THttpCli component use. No very useful, but demonstrate most component features.
WebServ A THttpSrv component is used to build a webserver.
MtSrv Basic multi-threaded server using TWSocket. Accept any number of simultaneous client, servicing each one in a thread. The base for any real world server. See also TnSrv (event-driven) and MidWare for a complete client/server framework.
NewsRdr A basic newsreader using TNntpCli component.
PingTst A ping program using TPing component.
MimeDemo Show how to use the TMimeDecode to decode EMails received with the TPop3Cli component. You can display or save the message and all its attached files.
Server A basic yet complete event-driven server using TWSocket. Can support any number of client. The server fetch some data from a TTable at client request.
MailRcv A basic POP3 client program. Demonstrate most TPop3Cli features. Quite useful. Can be the base for a real EMail program if merged with the MailSnd program (see below).
MailSnd A basic SMTP program (send mail). Quite useful. Can be the base for a real EMail program if merged with the MailRcv program (see above).
NsLookup Show how to use DNS query component to retrieve MX, A and PTR records directly from DNS.
TnClient A full featured TELNET client program with ANSI terminal emulation.
TnDemo A TELNET client using a TMemo to display incomming data.
TnSrv A basic event-driven server. Can support any number of concurrent clients. The base for any real world server. See also TcpSrv, MtSrv (multi-threaded) and MidWare for a complete client/server framework.
TWSChat A full featured CHAT program, both client and server. It's a good demonstration for many TWSocket features.
UdpLstn A UDP server demo. It listen for UDP messages on a given port and displays them.
UdpSend A UDP client demo. It sends or broadcasts UDP messages to a given port.
SocksTst A simple client program showing how to use the SOCKS5 protocol to traverse a firewall or proxy like WinGate.
ConCli Actually 2 console mode applications showing how to use TWSocket into console mode client applications.
ConSrv Much like TnSrv sample program, but using console mode application (usefull to write a daemon or service).
IcsDll Shows how to build DLL with a TWSocket. The sample DLL connect to TcpSrv sample program to get date/time. A sample demo application shows how to call the DLL.
DynCli A very basic client program showing how to use a dynamically created TWSocket component.